About us

First Cut Organics is made up of a well rounded team of people that understand what owning, loving, caring for horses and competing in different disciplines is all about. We are in it for the love of the horse!

Melanie O'Shea Founder and CEO
Melanie O'Shea has been a nurse for over 20 years and has owned horses for most of her life. She is a Founder and the CEO of First Cut Organics. While looking for a natural alternative to help a few of her horses get through tough times (post-surgical stall rest for one horse, arthritis in an older horse and a young horse experiencing some growing pains) First Cut Organics was created. After trying many CBD products for horses and seeing inconsistencies in quality and potency she decided it was time to develop a product specifically for horses. Melanie has been in the CBD business for years and decided to hold the First Cut Organics products to the same scrutiny as her human products; something that has been lacking in the CBD market for horse products. Melanie also spent years competing in AQHA events such as Versatility Ranch Horse and trail.

Dr. Alexander Daniel
Dr. Alexander Daniel is a board certified equine surgeon and has a master’s degree in clinical sciences; he is also one of the Founders of First Cut Organics. A graduate of the Royal Veterinary College London and a former three day event rider, he practiced medicine in California before moving to Colorado State University for a surgical residency. He now has a sports medicine practice in South Florida.

“I help a lot of horses with orthopedic injuries which sometimes require reduced exercise or rest. It is difficult to keep many of these horse’s calm, especially when they are used to high level competition. Unfortunately, we often need to prescribe anxiolytic medications to these horses, some of which have undesirable side effects. CBD offers these horses a naturally available calming supplement with beneficial anti-inflammatory properties. We have also been able to provide additional pain relief to some laminitis cases”.

Alexander Daniel, BVetMed MS ACVS Diplomate
Daniel Equine Services

Melanie O'Shea: Founder, CEO
Dr. Alexander Daniel: Founder